MahaLaxmi Teacher Training with Mary Flinn 2023

This Yoga Teacher Training is unique in that it incorporates the many facets of Yoga practice. Mary’s years of study with Master Yogis and teachers in India give this training authentic roots. The Yogic texts give methods and systems that can aid in having a steady and easy seat in life or “Sukham Sthiram Asanam” as stated in the Yoga Sutras. Beyond learning about the postures, creating intelligent sequences and exploring styles such as Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, we will study Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga history. You will touch on more ways to create a calm happy joyful mind and body and learn how to share these tools.

These Trainings are for:

• 200 hour is for those who want to become teachers or deepen their understanding of themselves and yoga, and have at least 2 years of practice history

• 300 Hour is for those with at least 5 years of practice history or already have a 200 hour TT, and want to either become teachers or deepen their understanding of themselves and yoga.

• Those who want to fine tune and strengthen their teaching ability

• Those who want to deepen their experience of the many facets of the yoga path in a community of others


Where: Treating the Root: 1511 Washington Street, Suite 2 Watertown NY; All classes will also be available on Zoom. Virtual students can attend. Call for specific details.

When: Trainings run Saturdays and Sundays once a month from 9:00-5:00 and 9:00-4:00 consecutively. Wednesday’s from 6-8

*Training Dates: October 7-8; November18-19; December 16-17 2023; January 20-21; February 17-18; March 16-17 and April 20-21 2024, and most Wednesdays for the duration. The 300 hours group will join Mary for a 4 day retreat to Ananda Ashram for more in-depth study as well as other special assignments to fulfill the extra hours.

*Tuition: 200 Hour Training $3000; 300 Hour Training $4000

Or pay in full upon acceptance and save $250: $2750 for the 200 Hour and $3750 for the 300 hour.

*Trainings are Yoga Alliance Certified and each student will receive a certificate.


• Yoga Cosmology and history from 10,000BC to present; Vedas, Samkya and Vedanta philosophy

• Yoga History; Discussion on various styles and types of yoga from the late 1800 until present time

• Tristhana (3 points of focus); Beginner, Intermediate adjustments

• Pranayama; How to practice and how to teach Pranayama. experiencing different types of breathing exercises and how to use it with our students.

• Yin/Restorative Techniques

• Physiology and anatomy of Yoga; Including Chakras, Nadis, Vayus and physical body

• Living your Principles/Ethics

• Modifications through the Primary Series

• Childrens Yoga

• Indian Painting ; The gods and goddesses in art and philosophy

• Indian Yogic Texts and Sutras

• Advanced Posture Sequencing

• Numerology

• Kirtan/Chants/Additional Practices

• Practice, teaching and adjusting in each class through out the training

• * The 300 hour group will spend 5 days at Ananda Ashram with Mary

• For information, pricing and dates call Mary @ 267-252-2389 or go to

Weekly Schedule; Summer 2023

Zoom class schedule 1/2024

Monday 8:30 am Hatha Yoga

Wednesday 5:00 pm Flow Yoga

Friday8:30 am Flow Yoga

Saturday 9:00 am Gentle Yoga 

Live Classes

Tuesday 8:30 8:30 am Mysore style Ashtanga @ Mettabee Farm and Arts; and 6:00 pm Bodhi Spa Hudson NY

Saturday 9:00 am Real Food Market; Chatham NY

All classes are 60-75 minutes

Each Zoom class is $12.00

*Unlimited @ $70 a month plus recordings for the week

*6 class card good for 4weeks from the date of first class $60

Payments through Venmo ( @Mary-Flinn-4 ) or checks

Live classes have a separate payment


Adult Classes

Painting and Drawing from the Imagination

Wednesday April 17 – May 24; 5:00 – 7:00 p.m

Click here for more details on all Art classes: