Artist Statement

I paint to elicit a feeling or mood with subtle innuendos of touch and light. The application, whether oil paint or pastel, as well as the use of color and viscosity, needs to be sensitive to the spirit of the image and the spirit of the painter. I envision a new yet familiar world of color, movement, rhythm and shape and invite the viewer to join me there.

My shapes and colors allude to sensory experience, memory, and the magic inherent in the landscape. Can the painting speak to you, whisper a story that you've always known? Perhaps it is a story you have been carrying in your heart all this time, one that has been waiting to see itself reflected.


Mary Flinn (b. 1962, Baltimore, MD) is an artist living in Chatham, NY who works mostly in oil paints and also water colors and pastels. Mary earned her BFA at the Swain School of Design, New Bedford MA in 1984 and her MFA at Queens College in 1991. She has had 3 solo exhibitions at The Prince Street Gallery in NYC, and numerous group shows there and along the east coast. She has been in numerous 2-person shows including the Joyce Goldstein Gallery with Sara Farrell Okamura and Baltimore City Hall with Josh Dorman, and Dartmouth College ,Hopkins Center, with Cathy Shoenberg, curated by Ben Moss. Virtual shows include: “Spring is Like a Perhaps hand” a 4 person show with the Jason McCoy Gallery. As well as numerous inclusions in the Jason McCoy drawing challenges. In 2022 she was in '11 women of Spirit' at Gallerie Zurcher in NYC.  Her paintings have been influenced by the many years she studied Mysore style painting in India and calligraphy in Japan. Her roots are in painting the landscape.