New Workshops 2022

Eight In depth workshops based on the Guru Gayatri Mantra, the 8 names of the Divine. According to yoga philosophy we are all capable of being blissed out and healthy as a normal state even during these trying times. Asana practice can help tremendously with that but there are other aspects in our lives that need tending to as well. The eight names refer to 8 qualities of the divine in us and around us. The mantra is:

Gobinday(Sustainer), Mukunday(Liberator), Udaray(Enlightener), Aparay(Infinite), Hariang(Destroyer), Kariang(Creator), Nirnamay(Nameless), Akamay(Desireless)

Why take these workshops:

*Continuing Education credits towards your Yoga Alliance certificate

*Each class will include a full yoga practice of varying styles

*Learn Ayurveda principals and practices for your body, such as oil therapies and herbs and the traditional Kitchari cleanse

*Buddhist meditation techniques such as the Meta meditation for Loving Kindness

*Positive thinking techniques and Prosperity mantras to balance an active mind

*Examine ancient yoga texts, the history of yoga practice, and other related philosophies.

*Take time to explore your subtle or not so subtle intuitions and energies with breathing techniques

*Guided meditations and visualizations to explore your subconscious triggers and sensibilities.

*Create and Dream

*Understand and access your Chakra system

*Relaxation techniques at the end of every class.

The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.” Einstein 

For detailed information on each workshop scroll down.

*March 5 2022, 11:00-1:00 Gobinday/Sustainer; Keeping the body healthy and balanced with daily routines of Ayurveda. All levels yoga included.

*March 12 2022, 11:00-1:00 Mukunday/Liberator; When we begin to let go of identification with thought patterns we make more space in our psyche and body for liberation to happen. All levels yoga included to support the meditations and lectures.

*March 26 2022, 11:00-1:00 Udaray/Enlightener; To bring light to our ‘muse’ or our inspiration can ultimately make us feel more connected to our source and the world around us. We will use meditation and contemplation to help us make the connection. All levels yoga included.

*April 2 2022, 11:00-1:00 Aparay/ Infinite; Tap into the infinite possibilities that surround you. How do you limit your self? Lots of chanting. Breath work and yoga will also be practiced. All levels.

*April 9 2022, 11:00-1:00 Hariang/Destroyer: Releasing old patterns and thoughts and fill the void with light and positivity. All levels yoga practice.

*April 16 2022, 11:00-1:00 Kariang/Creator; Making space for the creative energy to evolve. Yoga practices to connect with the chakras of creativity and then time spent with your idea. All levels Yoga included.

*April 23 2022, 11:00-1:00 Nirnamay/Nameless; How can we be less judgemental? Using yoga and meditation practices we will focus on how naming things can sometimes limit the fullness of a person or situation.  All levels yoga included.

*April 30 2022, 11:00-1:00 Akamay/Desireless; Surrender and acceptance are important practices to allow us to be present with what is.  Connect with Now. yoga asana and meditation will be practiced. All levels.

Fee: 8 classes $160

        4 classes $100 

         1 class $30

Each workshop is eligible for CE credits through Yoga Alliance.

Sliding scale in either direction accepted

More details below. 

1.Gobinday/ Sustainer. We will focus on how to keep the body sustained and balanced.This is a great step towards illuminating all aspects of our lives. This class will be an introduction to the Ayurveda ‘Dinacharyas’, or daily routines, which include physical exercises, herbs, food, oil therapies. and Kitchari cleanses. We will begin and end with a physical practice, meditation, breath work and chanting. Bring a note book and pdf’s will be emailed for the class. All levels yoga practice. March 5 2022 11:00-1:00

2. Mukunday/Liberator: The same root of this word, Muk, is used in the word Jivamukti. It is the state of being fully liberated while still alive in this world. The Sanskrit term jiva, meaning “soul” and mukti, meaning "freedom/liberation.” Liberation is a letting go of sorts, of releasing a grip on ourselves.

Ego is identification with the thoughts that arise in the mind. As we identify with thinking/thoughts that becomes ego. When those ego thoughts fill the body and mind, there is no space for liberation. You are filled and stuck and crowded. When we begin to let go of identification with thought patterns we make more space in our psyche and body for liberation to happen. Letting go of the gripping thoughts that keep us attached to our egos and ultimately keep us in a holding pattern of energy.

In this class we will dive a little deeper into this idea of liberation with meditation, yoga practice and visualizations and chanting. All levels yoga practice. March 12 2022 11:00-1:00

3.Udaray/ Enlightener. Enlighten means bringing light to. Bringing light to places that pique our interest can be a great way to feed our soul and make us happy. Having a healthy body is part of being in balance, but being connected to our own calling or passions is also important in staying happy. Interested people make interesting people. Where or what is your strongest pull. Do you sometimes question it or set it aside because it doesn’t seem logical. Bringing light to our interests will ultimately make our life more full and happy. To find your ‘muse’ or your inspiration meditation and contemplation can help us to make the connection . Getting a clear focus and the confidence to manifest will be addressed and worked on in the class, using yoga postures, breath work and chanting as well as Shamanic drumming, journaling and visualization. All levels yoga practice. March 26 2022 11:00-1:00

4. Aparay/Infinite. Tap into the infinite possibilities that surround you. How do you limit your self? How do you put the stop sign out. Choose to be courageous. Wahe Guru is the mantra of infinite possibilities. When we tap into this mantra we tap into the abundance that is all around us. We begin to absorb more of the blessings in our lives that we may otherwise miss. Meditations, lots of chanting and kundalini yoga and breath work will help us to open up to this potential. All levels yoga practice April 2 2022 11:00-1:00

5.Hariang/Destroyer. Releasing old patterns and thoughts can give us more energy to be joyful and heart centered. We will start with practices of letting go through holding postures and mantra and also practices that open our hearts so that our hearts can take charge and help us move into more light and openness. Bringing awareness to the dark passages are important but also filling them with light helps you to move into a more joy filled life. All levels yoga practice. April 9 2022 11:00-1:00

6.Kariang/Creator. The creative process is about being ready for the ‘muse’ to visit you. If the space is not made for the creative process then it doesn’t have a chance to unfold and evolve. Sometimes we get a little idea or nudge about something we could create or bring forth into the world. In this class we will make space for the inspiration and the act of creating. Meditation and yoga postures will be used to enhance your creative energy. Yantra paintings are a possibility or any modality you choose ie, drawing, writing, dance etc.  We will spend time at the end to share. All levels yoga practice. April 16 2022 11:00-1:00

7.Nirnamay/ Nameless. Move into non-judgment. This class will focus on our quality of judgement and non-judgement. in a sense we need to name things and identify threats and assets. but how much of our judging is a reinforcement of habits and patterns. A focus on how to assume a non-judgmental state of mind or at least a look at how we judge, name and put names on things that would otherwise have a larger meaning. Meditation and kundalini yoga to help us witness the thoughts and feel our strength and wisdom. All levels yoga practice. April 23 2022 11:00-1:00

8. Akamay / Desire-less or Acceptance. The meaning given for Akamay is Desire-less and we will focus on the surrender or acceptance aspect of the word.To be desire-less is to accept where you are and what is in front of you. A certain amount of surrender is important as it is our nature to yearn for more. We are born into a consumer world where more and better are the rules to live by. By focusing on the ’Now’, we are able to be present without judgment, desire or yearning. ‘Now’ is with us always. Once we connect to this it can feel as if we have connected to a true love or friend. Also referred to as ‘the lover and the beloved’. I’ve been told it is the connection of ‘you to your soul’. Yoga asana and meditation will be practice for this workshop as well as readings and poetry. All levels yoga practice. April 30 2022 11:00-1:00


Weekly Schedule; Winter 2022

Zoom class schedule 5/2022

Monday 8:30 am Hatha Yoga

Wednesday 5:15 pm Flow Yoga

Friday 8:30 am Kundalini Yoga

All classes are 75 minutes

Each class is $12.00 or unlimited @ $50 a month

Payments through Venmo ( @Mary-Flinn-4 ) or checks